The Complete Study Of Insurance Claims Denial & Tricks Used By The Companies


Insurance plays an important role in covering the basic needs and expenses of the people. Insurance claims are vital for anyone. 1stresponsepublicadjusters helps in the total recovery of the claims. The companies play many dirty tricks to avoid the claims and enjoy the profits of over $40 billion a year. They even cross the limits of unethical behavior to enjoy their profits. The outcomes of denying claims are only limiting the growth of their industry. They spend millions on advertising to earn our trust and after that, they deny claims, delay our payments and confuse customers with their norms and procedures. The CEOs of insurance companies earn their profits in a huge amount.

Some of the tricks they use to deny the claims are:

  1. Denying of Claims
  2. Abandoning the sick
  3. Confusing Consumers
  4. Credit scores

Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

It should be very discomforting to know that the insurance claim is rejected. Some of the reasons given by them are valid and some of them are completely absurd. In that case, we need legal help and public adjusters. The refusal of claim shows their negligence towards consumers.

  • Pre-existing conditions and their terms
  • The time lapse between the accident and response by the consumer
  • Providing the wrong information
  • There are some exclusion clauses in the policy
  • Missed some installments of the premium
  • Lacking the basic knowledge of their terms
  • When the expenditures are too high

The role of adjusters in the insurance claim recovery is to provide their services. These services are chargeable according to different cases. The complicated process of claim settlement is thoroughly interpreted by adjusters.

  • Maximum Recovery
  • No fee will be charged when there is no recovery
  • Evaluation of the claim
  • Consultation is free

The quick claims are not always in consumer interest. There is some hidden benefit in a quick claim for the Insurance Company.

Insurances That Denied Claims

  • Health Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance

How To Avoid This Type Of Situation?  

  1. By reading all the documents carefully to know about all the details.
  2. While filling out the application form read all the instructions.
  3. Do not accept a refund check of all the premiums paid in the past.
  4. Keep all the records and receipts of the premium. It will be good for the consumer.
  5. Contact the Department of State Insurance in case of any confusion.

Insurance is not an instant purchase. Always consult insurance advisor and public adjusters before taking any insurance policy. Sometimes claims are not covered by the policy. This state is termed as an uninsured loss. Due to misinterpretation and non-disclosure of the facts claims get denied. Always provide authentic information. If the insures is adamant in refusing the claim try to negotiate. The last option for denying claims is to follow the complaints process and legal method through the attorney.




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